Two types of oppressors

One, who oppress to maintain their privilege. To prevent people for overthrowing them or overtaking their power. They are fearful, aggressive, and active.

Two, those who don’t even realize that’s a possibility. Those who are so comfortable on their privilege that it doesn’t even occur to them that humans are supposed to be equal. They oppress as their second nature. They don’t even see the need to be aggressive, but they oppress more efficiently.


Christmas and Decolonization

I acknowledge that the colonial government caters its stat holidays to those who celebrate during the end of what is colonially known as the ‘year’ and in turn concretize the dominant discourse of this being ‘the holiday season’ for all. 

If you think I’m being a party-pooper by forcing my idea of holidays on you, you just got a taste of what you have been doing to everyone else.

If you’re not of the culture/religion that celebrates in the end of December and though I was raining on your holiday, you’ve been fully colonized.

You too are judgmental

For some reason, there are rules and laws, but nearly everyone makes their own list of exceptions.

A common one? “Oh it says ‘no stopping’ for cars, but I’ll just be a minute.”

And then silently you make a list of “approved by you” list of people who can stop in no-stopping zones. Some people are ok with a Canada Post van but not with UPS. Dropping off a 90-year-old grandma is ok but not a 20-year-old.

This is judgement. And the person doing this is objectively judgemental.

Maybe you make exceptions about j-walking when quiet. Texting at the wheel on red light. Batteries in garbage. Wearing essential oils to “scent free” offices. Washing medicine down the drain.

They might be shocked to learn that it’s really not like this outside of North America. And in North America, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Privilege Cycle

I wish for us to stop talking about Gabor Mate and Bruce Alexander and van der Kolk and all that.

Can we consider that peoples knew it all along and kept pleading not to be separated from their cultures, movements, metaverbal expressions, and organism but we only listen to men with “Dr” on their name.

Count it as the first time by self-fulfilling prophecy and, for years, use that as an excuse to listen to people with “Dr” on their name. Privilege brewing privilege.

The Privilege Cycle.

We Colonize the Peoples’ Healing from Colonization

Can we just stop talking about Bruce Alexander, Bessel van der Kolk, and Gabor Mate, and just ask the human being in front of us what they need to do their own healing?
Because isn’t it possible that the people knew the answers all along and kept asking us to listen, and these privileged men were just the people we decided to listen to? 
Even if the people might not know their answers right away, or over weeks, can we still ask anyway?
Because, for a lot of the people, being told what they need as defined by the dominant people is actually the cause of their suffering. Those approaches colonize the healing of peoples whose sufferings originate in colonization. 
Can we ask what their goals are and when they are met and stop telling stop telling peoples’ stories as “success stories” or “stories of struggles” unless they have defined them as such?
I am particularly upset about how we treat the survivors of genocide / colonization. 
And at the same time this should resonate with the treatment of people who experience(d) abuse, oppression, sexism, organized “religion,” and other contexts.