We steal.

The iMac on the guy’s lap starts sliding off. He appears to be sleeping. The slide accelerates. I quickly reach out, just barely catch it by the corner, and save it from the imminent crash to the floor. I try to place it back on his lap, but its weight is now entirely in my hand, and my outstretched arm hurts. I pull it into my chest so I don’t drop it.
That is exactly when he wakes up.

He glares at me, moves over two seats, and continues to sleep with the laptop precariously balanced atop his knee. I take a photo. I try to blur the face out so I can post it to Facebook.
In the meantime, he wakes to a skype call from his girlfriend. He yells “Omg!! My face is, like, censored.”
!!!!!!!! Busted!!

I freeze. I use just my eyes to look. Appears he’s discussing another photo. He must be really prone to getting blurred out of a photo.


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