We Pamper.

So the dog that was placed in my care for the August long weekend took a tumble down a set of stairs.  After rushing her to the vet and being told to keep her quiet for 10 days, I still have 50 hours till her parents’ return.

That night, she insists that she can’t get down from the patio but appears very conten

t to be there, so I decide to leave her there and sleep on the couch right by the patio door.  Then I wake at 2 am to this.  I’m sure this is a familiar sight to any dog owner.


Next day, the dog figured out that she could get me to run over to her side whenever she waved her leg, like “Remember I’m hurt?”



It’s like how you raise a fist and the dog would sit.  Yes, it’s just like that.  She figured out that she can wave her foot and I’d come running.

She would stand on top of the step to the patio, showing me the paw till I would deliver the treats (and hold the bowl while her Highness consumes her meal).  I couldn’t help myself.


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