Sochi boycott

My heart breaks when I hear about the push for boycott.  What, do I not have compassion?  I do.  Plenty.

Why is it easier to crush athletes’ life’s work than to stop driving a car? (Russia’s biggest export is petroleum, not vodka)

I don’t have faith in people posting in social media. I think Boycotting the Olympics will only be the next Whistler sled dogs. People who “posted loudly against it” feel great about themselves, while the shelters that saved a bunch of sled dogs this year cannot find any of those people who posted “I’D HAVE TAKEN THOSE HUSKEYS!!” and are stuck with a bunch of dogs.

I mean, if the olympics is boycotted, athletes lose everything they’ve worked for, Russian gov is left angry, their economy is just fine because they are Russia, and people forget about them just like the past 20 years when gays were suffering in Russia, Iran, and many other countries that are not in the spot light the way Russia is right now and not a year from now. Yes, it is in the spot light now, and now is better time to act on it than later.

So let’s find another way. We can’t ask the athletes to sacrifice their career. I would not ask you to start over your career either.

There are other ways.


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