bucket list

My head is down. My legs are absolutely burning. C’mon C’mon C’mon C’mon C’MONNN! Backchecking from deep in the offensive zone I’m the third one back chasing a 2-on-0. I’m catching up to my teammate.
[*Light Bulb*]
I put my stick blade on her butt and PUSH! to transfer my momentum to her. Yell “NITRO!!!!!” after her and go for a change. My job here is done.
She completes the play and returns to the bench.
“Did you push me with your stick?”
“So you were gaining on me?”
“Why didn’t you get past me?”
“Cuz I’ve seen it done on TV.”
“Well, thanks! It helped a lot. … Next time, feel free to get past me.”
Well, I had to check that one off the bucket list, so…


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