That moment

I think I’m seeing an epidemic.

My view: When someone’s reporting a special moment, “ME TOO!” or “I’ve also . . . !” is a wrong answer. When people are reporting an epiphany, “Yup! Known it already!” (of different varieties) is a wrong answer.  When someone is sharing how difficult it is to live with whatever they’re suffering, “Oh I know all about it” is not the answer.  When someone says “I have the worst flu right now,” the answer isn’t “My sister has it worse.”

My reason: The moment is 100 % theirs.  Yes, there is time they’re looking for someone who share experience to feel camaraderie.  But it’s about 1/200th as often as people use it as an excuse to bring the spot light onto themselves.

So, what to do?  My idea right now is to validate their feelings and how special or different they’re feeling.  Validate the heck out of them and do nothing else.  Just for that day.

I feel I’m not explaining this right, but right now the 4 am fire alarm and the concussion have left me struggling with words today.


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