People who talk about how equal-rights they are

Overhearing a conversation the guy is having on a speaker phone just outside my office. The other side is emphasizing on and on and on and on and on to the guy that he grew up in a “culturally diverse” (E-NUN-CI-ATE-D) environment. How everyone was always talking about equal rights among ethnicities.

I really can’t wait for the day when the equal rights is so much of a norm that no one needs to talk about it all the time. Much less hearing it being demonstratively shoved down the throat of the guy outside my office who is visible minority, sporting a strong accent, indicating how much attention he actually pays to the ethnicities.

(Though on a personal note, when I meet someone for the first time and that person launches into a speech about how they know so many asians or so many gay people and they like them just the same, I do really appreciate the effort.)


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