We are so lucky to live in Canada where people can marry who they want and they can live as the gender they identify with and change their ID’s accordingly (i.e. processes are available even though I’m sure they are still emotionally demanding and time consuming).
Our genders as we want it to be perceived by others is increasingly respected, and how it appears on a document is becoming irrelevant. When I was being frisked at the airport (long story), I could choose a male or female officer. When I was in a bathroom and a little girl questioned about a boy (me) in a girl’s bathroom, the mom quietly told her that some people look like a boy but they are really a girl inside, and what we see with our eyes don’t matter.  More and more, they just ask me what I want instead of assuming anything based on my gender. And Canadians are so nonchalant about it like it’s always been that way.
If this is a tangible change even for me (whose biological and documented genders match), it’s probably a real shift, right?

I’m not being rhetorical… Does anyone know why we still need to put a gender on our ID’s at all? Any facts, any guesses on what the point is?


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