someone just made me cry and I want to say something.  Without background, this may not make too much sense, but I hope you get the message.

I’m just a really really ordinary person. I truly am. (Other than the wicked dexterity I was born with.)
I’m lazy. I love my couch. I love TV. I watch reality shows.
I lack self control. I’m exceptional at finding a “valid” reason to continue doing the wrong thing.
I procrastinate. I depress. I get fed up. I’m irritable.

I’m never going to be one of those people who “do what you love for a living.” I’ll always be the person who “puts in an honest day’s work and contribute,” and I’m never going to stop being annoyed by idealistic inspirational quotes that attack my choices.

Everyone has a different set of values. To me, integrity is the most important. I’m always fair. I’m never a bystander.  I’ll confront anyone who is being a jerk. And, if someone has done something nice for me or for people I care about, I’ll return the gesture, even if it meant I’m cycling for, well, about 80 – 100 hours over 9 days in GearUp4CF and still my message may not be received by all CF sufferers and their families that supported us through the Longest Game and people who donated to the event.

And if I can show along the way that an ordinary person can do it, then more people will.


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