Washington Football Team

“Kamikaze.” That’s what the new team in the league called themselves.

I had that name changed.

I took a lot of flak. For years. To this day.
“You’re making too big a deal.”
“Go find a shrink.”
“We are trying to honour them!”
“It’s an English word and doesn’t mean what you think it means.”
“Many hockey teams already have that name. Clearly you’re the only person in the world who have an issue with this.”
“Get laid already.”

A word so poignant to me.
A word they had only had as their team name for two weeks.

We were fighting for this word AS IF WE HAD AN EQUAL STAKE.

“I don’t understand, but if it means that much to you.” I find this to be very difficult to find. One often has to beg for general courtesy.
Sure, Kamikaze might not be intuitive. But how hard is a racial slur.

“It’s part of our identity,” the owner defends.  How is a sport be more a part of someone’s identity than someone’s skin. And skin-related slurs.  And the 200 years of poignant history that the slur symbolizes.

We, media and the fans, have to realize the power we have and harness it.  Let’s call them “WashingtonFT” and make the R-word obsolete.


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