We were all raised to value the house, the car, the career, the conventional “standard of living” – the higher, the better. Those things are our tickets to happiness. Yes, to many, they are.

I know a few of us who are simply not built like that.

I always has respect for Amanda. Such a good hockey player – I always picked her side of the ice because she was so exciting to defend against. Sure she got frustrated sometimes by the roughness, by the refs – she was so good we played her tight. But she was never dirty or disrespectful to anyone.

Hadn’t seen her in a couple of years and was starting to wonder if she was ok.

Thanks to GearUp4CF, I ran into her a few times at the bike shop. She is more than ok. Check out their story.


“My tummy hurts. I think I need to see a doctor.”

Anyone notice that, when you complain that your belly hurts, your bike is sluggish, or whatever, everyone immediately offers you 7 reasons you’re wrong, “It’s in your head,” “it’s just gas,” “Suck it up,” or “You’re getting old, you know. Stop blaming the bike”?

It simply does not cost us anything to ask “What’s going on with you?” or to validate that they are feeling that way.

Immediately offering the reasons they are wrong is the same as discrediting them without evidence. It’s the same as putting them down as “you couldn’t possibly have a point, so I’m not even going to ask if you have a point.”

What was your guess of what this article was going to be about when you first saw the title?