Happy Pride

So this is the first time I did any dress-up for Pride. So I was quite excited.


The great thing about my upbringing is that it forced me to think that I wasn’t enough, I was inferior, and I was unlovable, as a whole.
It meant that there wasn’t a part of me, being Asian, short, unathletic, or gay, that was unacceptable and shameful.
I got teased and bullied and taunted in school too, but they never targeted a specific characteristic of mine. They didn’t need a reason. They didn’t need to justify why I should be targeted. It was me whose clothes they hid while I was in PE. Thumb tacks in shoes. Inaudible taunting. Parties where everyone else is invited and I’m specifically and repeatedly informed I’m not invited. 
I’m extremely lucky that at no point in this I felt that my characteristic, personality trait, or who I am had anything to do with me being bullied. 


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