Limits to Empathy

What is the limit of your empathy?  

Does someone who’s a self-righteous jerk deserve your empathy?

Does a bully deserve your empathy?

Does an animal abuser deserve your empathy?  


I think about this all the time.  
I believe that no one really wants to be a bully.  Maybe it’s the wrong wiring. Maybe it’s the upbringing. Maybe it’s the personality.  Maybe it’s the fact they chose to do evil when they know the difference between right and wrong.  I still do not believe anyone becomes a bully if they had a control over it.  

This equation can be applied in any case – cases that makes nauseous for me to apply it.  There are cases where it’s way past my capacity for empathy.  Is it acceptable for me to have limits to my empathy?  

How do I achieve harmony and peace between the fact these people caused tremendous and often irrepairable physical or emotional harm to other living beings and the fact that they too, technically, are humans and deserve empathy?  
Where it is when it’s ok to say “OK, now this guy doesn’t deserve empathy.”


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