Let’s call it “neurotransmitter disorder.”

Let’s give it a real name.
“Bipolar” used to be called “manic depressive.”
“PTSD” was called “shellshock.”

The word “depression” is too confusing.
A person suffering from neurotransmitter disorder/deficiency isn’t feeling down because something depressing just happened.

How do I know?
Because I know that someone with this disorder couldn’t even connect with an event to have an emotional reaction to it, like “oh, that’s depressing.”

Is one born with it? Who knows. I kind of think one has to be at least a bit susceptible to it, just like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
how does one acquire it? Who knows.
In many cases, it’s probably like type 1 diabetes.  In some cases, there may be external factors. I think it’s because a brain is a habitual being. I believe you can teach your brain the wrong chemistry if you’re susceptible to it. If you practice disordered/binging/dieting eating, your brain could develop an eating disorder. If you have a fatal illness and face the possibility of death every day, you could develop neurotransmitter deficiency.

Who knows how it starts.
What I know is that the word “mental” does not draw the right image in our minds.


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