Taking responsibility for our privacy

2014 was marked with high-profile hacks. Including the Apple hack and leak of celebrities’ nude photos.

I know we love our iThings and Androids. We know the contents of our phones could be be exposed at any time as proven over and over this year. Blaming the manufacturers don’t protect us, as proven over and over. And that’s perfectly fine to make that choice.

Now. When a government agencies announce “we approved iPhones!” and public cheer like they won something, that’s something else. It’s the US department of defence or our financial manager. Is winning the “which OS is better?” debate more important than privacy now?


Don’t hate the haters.

Everyone deserves empathy, including the haters on Internet.

I feel bad for you, haters.

Your not knowing that every time you spew hate, scorn, or criticism, you’re only exposing your struggle with self-esteem.

You’re fearful. The only way you know to be safe, to avoid being hated on like those other guys, is to shout as loud as you can “I’m not one of them!! See how much I hate them!?” You’re so desperate for your own safety that you’re OK with hurting others and lying to yourself.

You’re insecure. The time you feel others see you as standing tall is if you’re standing on another person. You’re unaware that the rest of the society sees you practicing “pecking order” and know you’re as evolved as chickens.

You’re afraid. The last time you were wrong, you got punished. You got yelled at. You got grounded. You got laughed at. You really really have to be right the next time – at any cost. The best way to win an argument – as we were all taught by the schoolyard – is to ignore what the opposition is saying and keep attacking. Don’t you ever stop attacking because then they can hurt you.

You’re angry. People who were supposed to be nice to you criticised you. People who were supposed to protect you threw you to the wolves. People who were supposed to comfort you told you to suck it up. Why can’t you do that to others? You survived it. So should everyone else. Look how well you’re doing now – you’re being nice, protective, and comforting exactly the way that was shown to you.

Let me be the first to tell you. I’m sorry you’re in pain. And I’m sorry that the way you’re dealing with it is getting you deeper and deeper in the vortex or self-hate. And I’m sorry you’ve got a lifetime of sitting at the computer, shooting hate and anger at strangers while those you bully will turn the notification off, turn the computer off, have dinner with loved ones and forget about you in 10 seconds.