The Metropolis attitude

I have a dislike of how the vancouver people seem to view “the rest of BC” as either insignificant or behind. In some ways, yes. In other ways, vancouver could learn a lot from them.

Everything you buy secures a job where it was produced, caught, processed, re-processed, packaged, anchored, warehoused, and retailed.

Those people and companies pay taxes, leading to reduction of individual taxes.

Buying “made in thailand” goods in/from the USA and complaining about how high the taxes are does not make sense.

When I lived in Kamloops, whenever someone bought anything (including fruits!), we would ask each other “Is it Canadian?”

It is an individual choice to do cross-border shopping, which I would never judge. My problem is if those same people complain about high taxes or lack of government-subsidised services. 



Just to clarify, I have NO problem with anti-vaxxers.

I have a major issue with people raising their unvaccinated kids how you would raise a vaccinated kid.

Unvaccinated people meeting, touching, kissing, or being within 6 feet of babies that are too young for vaccinations.

People not keeping their unvaccinated kids from school when they have the smallest of sniffles.

People not recognising that the “tickle in a throat” in them or in their unvaccinated kid maybe a hospital stay or even a life-threatening infection to cancer patients, babies, elderly, and CF sufferers.

I challenge the anti-vaxxers to go to Pakistan without having received polio vaccine. Because the only difference – the reason they wouldn’t get polio here – is the fact everyone here is vaccinated.