The Metropolis attitude

I have a dislike of how the vancouver people seem to view “the rest of BC” as either insignificant or behind. In some ways, yes. In other ways, vancouver could learn a lot from them.

Everything you buy secures a job where it was produced, caught, processed, re-processed, packaged, anchored, warehoused, and retailed.

Those people and companies pay taxes, leading to reduction of individual taxes.

Buying “made in thailand” goods in/from the USA and complaining about how high the taxes are does not make sense.

When I lived in Kamloops, whenever someone bought anything (including fruits!), we would ask each other “Is it Canadian?”

It is an individual choice to do cross-border shopping, which I would never judge. My problem is if those same people complain about high taxes or lack of government-subsidised services. 


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