“You NEED this product”

Remember this. The world wants you to believe you’re not enough.

So they can
– sell you their products, services, and magazines,
– pay you less, and
– stay in a dysfunctional relationship.

Remember. It’s never about you. It’s about what they are gaining from it.

Every major university has a marketing major. There is an entire science and art dedicated to tapping into where people find themselves “not enough.” And to help people *find* where they aren’t enough.

Our own loved ones praise us how cute we are, how smart we are, and how athletic we are, causing us to grow up believing THOSE are the criteria that make us important. Not “I’m my own unique person,” which is definitely more important in making a life and making a living than “athletic.” But “being own person” doesn’t sell anything.

Why do our loved ones do that to us? Because they too were raised around marketing. They want us to succeed, and marketing caused them to believe that success is about being smart, cute, and athletic.

One of many things I am thankful that I was neglected as a child is that no one taught me these things.


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