“I hate my body!”

Devastating comment I just saw on social media. So I decided to answer some questions.

Do I have a perfect body?
Well, my ribs hurt in the morning. I have to stretch my back in the morning. I am so short I have to march to keep up with a casual stroll. A turkey neck is starting. Poor eye sight.

Do I love my body?
Yes, I do love my body. It’s athletic. It’s got great dexterity. My face muscles effectively communicate my emotions (sometimes too well!). It’s capable. I love it.

Do I think my body looks good?
“Looks” good? I don’t understand the question. Is my body supposed to look a certain way? I thought it was supposed to “move” not “look.”
I know some people like to date good-looking people. Well, I view “people who want to date good-looking people” as a character flaw, so no loss there.
Maybe you can help me understand the importance? (please leave in comments)

Don’t I want to look good though? If I could?
Uhm. I’m starting to wonder… Are you passively trying to convince me I shouldn’t be happy with my body? That I should strive to be better-looking? That I’m not perfect the way I am?

Then let me ask you a question.
Is this your normal? Did someone tell you my love and worth depends on my looks?
If you think I should think like you do,
Are you happy?

I am. Come join me on this side. The side where the only thing that can bother me are things that conflict with my set of values.


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