Primitive Instincts = Marriage is work.

We forget we’ve only had this “society” for a very short time. Traits that we consider expected today – Ethics, loyalty, honour, courtesy – were highly suspicious only a 100 years ago.

A hundred years is a decent chunk of time for culture change. Though it is not even a blink of an eye in evolution. Dodd’s fruitflies that showed different mate selection were run 35 generations. We, today, are not genetically different than our great great grandparents that lived in Wild West.

What genetic traits that survived (and passed on the genes) back then?

“Natural selection” means who produced the most children and left their genetic make-up into the next generation during the centuries of time when we ran away from mammoths and other humans. Immediately, we know those characteristics survived longer and produced more kids.
Those who slept around.
Someone who freaked out and ran at the first sign of any danger.
Someone who didn’t go down with the ship.
Someone who switched loyalty to whoever is best suited at the time.
Someone who put others down in terms of social hierarchy or in terms of insecurity.
Someone who bailed and switched their loyalty when it showed signs of weakness.
Someone who didn’t limit their future potentials by honouring their promises.
Someone who protected their own offsprings at the expense of others.

Not the qualities we cherish today.



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