Living other people’s baggage

“I just ate a huge meal, and I am still starving!” something I say often.

This triggers one of two responses: “You shouldn’t worry. You’re not fat!” / “Lucky you. phhhhhht!”

Whenever people respond this way, I try to sidestep it a good few times. Ten out of 10 times, people insist on telling me you’re not fat you’re not fat you’re not fat or “lucky you lucky you lucky you. Don’t rub it in.” I try to change the subject. 8 out of 10 times, they would make one more effort – “How was your day?” “Good. Oh, and by the way, you’re not fat.”

I lose patience around that time.

My feeling of starvation is a result of me not being able to recover from letting my blood sugar drop too low. Once that happens, my hands are cold, they shake, I feel weak, and I get this deep feeling of starvation for hours no matter how much I eat. Yes, I’ve tried everything in every combination – Nothing helps once I let it happen.
Sure I try to prevent it by eating frequently, and I do. I eat so often that I gradually gained weight over the last 4 years, which accumulated to weight gain of 10 %. And I will probably continue to gain. I accept that. Even then, I lose hours of my life to it every month.

I don’t need my friends to sit and listen to my sob story all day. I just wish they would listen one sentence.
“I just ate a huge meal, and I am still starving.” “Oh no. It must be so uncomfortable.” But I don’t get this response because I’m living other people’s baggage.

I can imagine what painful experience trained you to be this way. It’s a very sad situation.

I just wonder if you recognize it’s creating another sad situation. Me having this physically and mentally exhausting condition that no one wants to hear about.
I just really wish you would listen to me for one minute.

If you don’t believe how isolating it is to be me, let me make a point. How many of you’re currently thinking “What’s your problem that you eat so much and don’t really gain weight!!?!?”


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