Stigma and shame

I’m re-homing my dog. Does anyone know anyone?

No, I’m not. My friend is. I just wanted to see how many people reacted to that inquiry with empathy “I’m so sorry to hear!” and how many responded with judgement.

I’ve been thinking about how much shame and stigma we live around. How very unaware we all are when we perpetuate it.

People who shout about racial equality protest against equal marriage.
People who post/share against fat shaming condemn people who are re-homing their pets.
People who shame those who’ve shamed others.

Stigma, shame, judging others. They are always about the person doing it not about the person they’re being done to. Their need to put others down is already there before the stigma gave them an excuse.

Succumbing to the urge to put others down is as primitive as eating directly off the bones of the prey you just killed. That’s just my opinion.

Need proof? 

These memes like below are supposed to lay down the commitment required when taking in a dog. They are NOT for guilt-tripping and shaming those who find themselves in the position to have to move and not take the dog with them.

If one of my family members fell ill and needed my attention 24/7 with a poor prognosis. I am committed to giving my dog the life he deserves, and sometimes that does not include me.

I know for certain that some of my friends would still shame me and send those memes. And here is the proof I promised.
1. ALL of my friends know how much I love and adore my dog. They know that, I gave up the sport I love for a season in order to give my dog a vet care and a prescription medication instead of a home remedy that’s supposed to also work. It wouldn’t factor in when they judge me for giving up my dog.
2. ALL of my friends know I love spending time with my dog, sometimes more than with my humans. I have tears in my eyes right now for writing about hypothetically giving up my dog. They would still not be able to help themselves.
3. Guilt-tripping me helps no one – especially my dog. What if I end up keeping my dog when I can’t give him any of my time? What if I do re-home my dog but his last few days with me a filled with feelings of guilt instead of love and happiness? Their action does not accomplish what they say are they are acting on behalf of. That’s got to prove that shame and stigma is about them, not about me (or my dog) at all.


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