the Primitive act of being rude to wait staff

Way more people than those who admit feel entitled to a certain action toward another person based on their occupation. 

Like yelling at a ref. Being rude to a telemarketer. Calling police officers pigs. Being rude to the wait staff.
And they’ll have a list of justifications why they deserve to be treated that way.
“Dude, don’t yell at the ref.” “BUT IT WAS OFFSIDE!!” “You know they are human beings under that stripe.” “BUT IT WAS OFFSIDE!!!!!!!”

From the ancient times to maybe as recently as the 70’s, I imagine it was important to think in hierarchy and actively put people down (into lower classes) because there was simply not enough food. We practiced pecking order like wild, uncivilised animals. Today, there are those who thought for ourselves and found a new way to live, and there are those who are rude to the wait staff.

Did anyone notice it is extremely odd to see people yelling at those occupations. There is absolutely NO WAY what just happened here – non-call on a hook, bringing a wrong order, ticketing parking violation – could have elicited this much anger. Enough anger to scream at another human being.
There is simply no way.

These days, even though there is no woolly mammoth, no great depression, and no dictator where we live, we still live in a world that makes us feel loss of control. We are so used to feeling powerless that most people don’t even notice it.
I wonder if that’s what they have a need to express. And I, deciding not to call a hooking penalty based on my professional knowledge and experience, just gave them an excuse.

When I receive this unfortunate treatment, I shrug and think to myself “Oh you. Sad, sad, caveman you.”


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