Open letter to Ellen re Caitlyn Jenner

We all have had obstacles in our lives. The type of devastating and persisting ones that knock us down for the count.
My life has been much easier than yours thanks to you having gone through the tremendous pain and trauma of paving the way for us.

We sometimes forget how far you changed things for me, and how difficult it still is for millions of people in spite of you.

I was never sent to an ex-gay camp.
I only lost a few close friends who couldn’t reconcile living their beliefs with letting me live mine.
My father and mother did not disown me.
I never got kicked out of the house.
I only lost one job because of my sexuality.
I never felt it affected my life significantly.

I wonder sometimes you feel like some of younger people in urban center-left cities simply couldn’t even understand what you went through.

No matter where we are in generation and geography, we have to put the effort in to remember and appreciate the people who got us where we are today. And remember and support those who are still faced with devastating obstacles. There are people, today and in the past, who had it really really really rough.

anti-gay or homophobic family and friends.
family and friends believe that the Bible teaches against homosexuality.
family and friends believe the word “marriage” is only for heterosexuals.

And I wonder.  How hard would it be if it were you instead of family and friends.

These beliefs are so strong they kept Caitlyn living in a wrong gender for 60 years.
So strong that she, after all of her physical transformations, doesn’t appear to fully sit comfortably in her own skin. Rather treat being transgender as a social issue rather than simply living it. She is too honest to avoid saying things that alienate the LGBTQ community, creating enemies one way or the other every time she speaks.

She has a lot more obstacles than we do. I propose we let her go through her journey without judgement.


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