Alienated by the supposed support system

I know that feeling – when you show up filled with excitement of finally finally being supported. And that let-down that feels like a lead bowling ball in your chest.

My body has trouble controlling sugar levels, and I fall hypoglycemic seemingly out of the blue. I’d be shaking and light-headed. When I realize it’s happening, it’s already too late. No matter what I do, my day is done at that point. Shaking, nauseous, angry, I have to lie down for the rest of the day.

People are vaguely sympathetic around this point. I say “vaguely” because, you know, people don’t usually commit to the “Oh poor you!” position. They are always looking for a chance to say “Suck it up.”

So, soon enough, someone says “Just eat more.” And that’s when everything falls apart.

“I eat constantly.”

Now I’ve thrown myself to the wolves. As long as you’re skinny that’s not caused by cancer, you’re up for grabs. They aren’t looking for an excuse any more; unjustified “Oh suck it up!” starts coming out. “Oh, you’re lucky” is not noticed as being completely out of context.

There are few things that are more devastating than receiving alienation instead of support from those those one has counted on.
– a bisexual or pansexual that’s been called names by the members of the LG community.
– a transgender person that’s been excluded by the members of the LG community.
– an average-sized person who has body image issues.

Do you have any other examples?

For some reason, apparently statistics show that those who have been bullied bully. Let’s stop the cycle.


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