Groupings and discrimination: human beings’ need to shit on others

Take any point in the history of human beings. There was always a group of people that were discriminated against. Being treated as inferior.

Recently, it was black people, and Jews, and Asians, and gays, and Muslims, and who’s next?

At any point in the history, human beings had reasons and justifications for doing so. They were absolutely convinced through and through that the group deserved to be discriminated against.

With time, the groups changed. And justifications changed.

One fact remained. They knew very little of the group that they were discriminating.

Does that sound like it’s about the group, or does it sound like there is a group of people who have some innate need to shit on others and would jump on any chance to do so.

There must be a way out there for us to find a way not to be so primitive.


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