Hockey wisdom

What is yours? Add in comments or tweet #hockeywisdom

– Every joint in your body should be used to add power to stride or shot.

– stretch pass is one of the most difficult plays for the passer and the receiver. Don’t be a seagull. 

– a pass is not created by the passer. It is offered by the receiver and accepted by the passer.

– Unlike soccer, hockey is 5-player offence and 5-player defence. D is a critical part of the offense, and wingers are a crucial part of defence.

– Have a smile on as you step into a shot. A shot you believe in will score.

– Your mate needs two options. You must always be one of them.

– Never take your goalie’s eyes away.

– if they didn’t pass you the puck, you were NOT open/available. No matter what you think.


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