Empathy and HWI Human-World interface

We are so fascinated by interfaces. Just look at how often people change cell phones. This one is slightly faster. This one is prettier, bigger, more secure. No no mine is better. Debate gets heated. People absolutely rage over this topic. A lot of money is invested in development of POS and HMI (human-machine interface).

They all do the same thing. But we are so fascinated with having the best.

How often do we think about Human-World interface?

An “interface” is “the place or area at which different things meet and communicate with or affect each other” [m-w.com]. So, an interface is anything that allows me to affect the world and other people, and anything that is out there that can affect me.

There are two aspects to an interface. The things that are out there. and the way the interface renders it.

Things that are out there: The way I speak, the way I carry myself, how much make-up I put on, how I smell, the volume of my voice, the tone of my voice, my height, my skin tone, where I live, whether or not they make an eye contact with me, do I speak kind things or mean things, do they speak kind things or mean things about me. How much confidence I exude. Whether I encourage people or put them down. Do I giggle or chuckle? Do I stand straight?

How an interface renders it: Do I perceive the other person’s confidence as confidence as arrogance? Do I feel confident about myself today? Did they see my kindness as kindness or patronizing?

We already know this stuff though. Think of those words: Attitude, perspective, mood, interpretation, confidence, self-esteem, connection, relationships, chemistry. All these words are, though, inseparable and interconnected and overlapping and interfering. It is time to think about them all as one unit, “Human-World interface.” And I have a reason for this proposal.

When people talk about attitude, perspective, etc., they always talk about working on it. And struggle mighty with them. And I have an idea of why this is.
I believe that “working on attitude” is like wearing a corset to “waist train” to get into size 6.
I believe that “working on myself so I can have a better attitude” is like running on a treadmill to get into size 6.
And I believe that “I DO have a great attitude. What was said to be was out of line, and I’m entitled to feeling pissed” is like looking in the mirror today and loving what you see and laugh that you ever allowed people to make you believe that size 6 brings you happiness.

I believe the most efficient way to an improved HWI is through empathy for ourselves and others and unlearning the skewed values that were taught to us. An improved HWI boots your attitude, perspective, confidence, etc.

It really might be time for a lot more wholesome approach to HWI.


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