“Free” = no value

I know the supply and demand curve.
I know the concept of supply management.
I know many see free as valueless and endless.

And I choose to flood my friends with love.

Love doesn’t have to be romantic love for it to hurt. Some days are really hard.
No, I’m not looking for reciprocation or reward.
But, because of my choices, I make myself a target for people who are looking for targets.

And again I choose to flood my friends with love.

I have no business doing that. I’m not an enlightened person. I’m not above it. It hurts like hell when people take advantage.
People who give unconditional love are often a target of such mistreatment – ask your friends how many of them have yelled at their parents.

Do they remember what happened when their parents tried to draw the line? They probably yelled “You’re not my mom!” or “I don’t need you!” or even “I wish you go away and never come back!” Once I even heard “I wish you die!” Such cruel, personal attack that is not at all related to the topic at hand.

So, yes, I know what I’m getting is a result of what I’m doing. I need to change this equation. But, at the same time, today I again make the same choice to love.



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