“Frustration culture”?

Millenia seem to truly believe it’s the society’s fault for not providing them with affordable housing in vancouver.
Do they feel the same way about New York? Tokyo? Downtown Toronto?
If vancouver is responsible for providing them all with affordable homes, what about the other 3 million Canadians who’d love to move here? Why does Vancouver or the Province owe you a home in one of the most expensive cities in the world?

Once there was a town in the central BC. It was a logging town, supporting forestry workers, merchants, teachers, and a few casual restaurants. It was the 80’s before we thought about stewardship, so they eventually cut everything around them bare.
People who would move moved. Township and the Province proposed school closures and downscaling in infrastructure.
The people and the media had a tremendous uproar.
“We are not moving out of the home my grandfather built and do the job that is passed down generations.”
Two. Two generations. Their grandparents moved there, their parents did similar jobs, and those young adults hadn’t even finished school. Two is apparently a family tradition they expect the government to preserve for them.
And there are no more jobs because there are no more trees because of their own actions and choices.

Transit is down yet again, and people are upset. Sure, if you can’t afford to live in vancouver because you were not born in the ’60, you’d commute using transit. And it’s frustrating when you get delayed.
I grew up in Japan, solely dependent on transit. In Japan, in the country where other delays are so few and far in between, transit delays were quite common and I left home with enough time to allow for it.
I wasn’t frustrated. I didn’t compare myself to car people. I didn’t compare myself to people who don’t need to commute because they live in $600,000 condos that are a size of my bedroom. I did not expect trains to run on time.

Why am I seeing so much frustrating on media and social media?

Who are all teaching these people unreasonable expectations and such a sense of entitlement?

Why isn’t anyone telling them “hey, if you’d chosen to live in vancouver, you’d have a second job instead of just some occasional delays.”

Aren’t we teaching ourselves and people around us to see “on time” as a bonus and delay as normal?

I’m half way certain that someone with a political agenda is causing frustration on purpose to either drop the public’s confidence in the government or to distract from another political issue.

I think millenia have to take back control. Do not let people give you unreasonable expectations. Do not allow people to use you.


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