The Negative Effect of Likability

A guy plagiarises. There is no doubt. There is no way that’s a coincidence.

Ellen, a big-time celebrity, supports the offender by giving him an interview on her talk show, and HGTV gives him a contract to start his career on TV.

One thing that’s clear to me is this.

Ellen and HGTV had already decided to support Tim before they found out how serious of an offence plagiarism is.

Unlike violence, plagiarism (including copyright infringements) does not give you a visible scar or a lost limb or a lost life. 
Plagiarism steals your identity, your soul, and your entire career.

Simple example. One incident as a student will get you expelled from the university I went to then the entire academic profession.  Zero tolerance.
There was a huge uproar about whether or not Amy Schumer stole jokes.

And there has been nothing about HGTV’s hiring of Tim. No discussions. No criticism. No nothing. Keep in mind – this is a talk show host whose guests include a great number of musicians, writers, dancers, comics, designers.

This is the impact Ellen has.

First, she is incredibly likable, and you’d hate to upset her and make her sad or angry. Just breaks your heart, doesn’t it.

Secondly, I’d fear getting on the wrong side of her.  For instance, her interview of Caitlyn Jenner. It seemed Ellen’s view was “caitlyn must support equal marriage because she is transgender,” and nothing else was acceptable. Caitlyn expressed that she has become a supporter – mentioning being “against” in the past. Ellen couldn’t see the positive in this. Not only at the peak of emotions upon hearing this then but also she repeated it later on a radio show. She has one view, and everything else is wrong.

Third, but most importantly.
Being on her good side means she might promote your work. There is personal gains in siding with the wrong.

Ellen says the plagiarism was accidental. Your eyes says “no way.” But you don’t say a thing.

Ellen says that an accidental plagiarism is OK. Tim doesn’t offer a full and complete apology without adding excuses. And no one says anything.

Plagiarism has been not OK for a century, one of the most hated crime among creative professions, and Ellen said it’s OK, and now it’s OK.

It is not OK. 


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