Mid-life crisis and the mechanism of self-worth

An accomplishment is an outcome of one’s sense of identity and self-worth, not the other way around.

It shouldn’t be viewed as an evidence toward your worth. It shouldn’t be something you use to affirm your worth. 

Group 1. Accomplishments
How much attention you can generate by how you look. 
The number of athletic achievements. 
How high your income is.
How much commendations you received for what you have done.

Group 2. who you are. How hard you work, how supported you are, how confident you are, how resilient you are, how kind you are, and how ambitious you are.  The mechanism behind why you have Group 1. today.

I emphasise this over and over: I’m not a psychologist. But I observe this anyway.
People who focus on Group 1. are run by them. People who focus on Group 2. are driven by them.

People who focus on Group 1. mourns the end of their youth. Group 2 celebrates the arrival of wisdom. Group 1. is focused on impressing others. Group 2 focuses on connecting with others. Group 1 fears change. Group 2 causes change.

Everyone has a bit of both groups in them.

I’m watching mid-life come upon me, and I’m entertained watching the part of me embracing it and the other part of me freak out about it. And that’s how I came up with this article. 


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