Vancouver affordable housing and the millenia

We talk about millenia being an entitled generation. 
Now we are talking about providing affordable housing. We are telling them, purposely or not, that they are a victim of the irrationally high housing price bubble. 


Every major city was once affordable. And they hit a certain size.

Do American youth feel it’s unjust and unfair that no affordable housing is created by the government and made available to them in Manhattan? Do we cry for them if a 30-year-old, a parent to 2 kids, complains they have to spend 2 hours commuting to their work in Tokyo, or do we shrug and say “well, but it’s Tokyo”?

Some cities create affordable housing.  But these are hardly what millenia are picturing when they say “affordable.” I did some research. Anything $1200-1400 is listed as affordable in Greater Toronto (not even downtown Toronto, which is smaller than the entire city of vancouver.), and those are 600 sqft bachelor.

When the millenia hear “affordable housing,” they think it’s a rent they can afford. Couldn’t be more wrong. 

Where does it end anyway. The city makes 100 affordable housing. How about the other 70,000 that didn’t get one of the 100?

Housing market becomes impossible when a city grows. There is absolutely no other city like vancouver in the whole world. Prices go up. It’s all a natural progression.

My point: stop catering to millenia who seem to believe they are entitled to live in the city of vancouver.


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