Don’t accept this as your normal

I’ve been thinking about the day a stranger ran up to me and handed me a special edition newspaper on my way home from high school. I had never even seen a free copy of newspaper let alone a special edition printed mid-day.

I can still see exactly where I was, what I was wearing, and what it said on the front page in the biggest font I’d ever seen in my life “USA INVADES KUWAIT.”
I stood there frozen, hoping I’d just wake up from the bad dream. This is the day I realized that we are not past killing each other. People are killing each other in masses every day since then.
How did we get to the point a gay man shoots up a gay bar. Police officers justifying their shooting by saying “I was scared.” A protester shoots down the officers who are protecting the protest.
I worry about the younger people who are growing up in this. We need to let them know that “common” and “often” and “status quo” do not equal “normal.” Do not have to accept this as your normal. 

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