Solved: Delonghi Magnifica coffee making weak coffee and spilling grounds everywhere 

I just found a solution to the problem I’ve had for years and never found the solution online. So I am putting it here just in case other people need it. 

Coffee is sometimes very weak

Other symptoms: 

  • Coffee grounds spill all over inside the machine
  • Some pucks are nice and thick, and some come out thin. 
  • Coffee gets stuck between the mill and the infuser in the feeder chute 


  1. Clean inside the infuser. 
  2. If this doesn’t work, clean and lubricate inside the infuser and replace the two O-rings. 

Long description: 

I was always told by the repair guys it malfunctions because the beans I use are too oily. I use European style dry beans, but they were insistent. So I never thought beyond it. 

When the machine is on and idol, I gently inserted a chopstick or spoon handle down the bypass feeder, trying to push down the ground coffee that’s stuck. 

Yesterday I finally realized that the bean is not stuck – it’s that the infuser is not properly depressing. 

Magnifica infuser has that metal disc filter, which is easily visible. That part is pulled down as the infuser is raised to the coffee infeed and to the water dispensing part. As it is pulled down, it creates the pocket where the puck is formed. 

When you take the machine in for maintenance, the tech would take this sliding mechanism apart, replace the o rings and lubricate the inside. After a while, it wears down and need to be refreshed. 

Otherwise, the disc filter part doesn’t properly slide down and the top of the infuser stays flat. Coffee beans that are spilling is dry, this is probably why.  

Also, the filter may only slide down partially. This is why the puck is thin. 

If it’s wet coffee grounds that are spilling, this is a weird one. Physical mechanism of this is hard to explain. But I watched it with my own eyes that the arm that scrapes the puck off broke the puck and left some on the infuser, which it scraped off backwards on the way back. All these are caused by the infuser being moved around the fixed notches on the machine side that fit into the gears on the infuser. So why should the timing be off? It might be because the disc and the rest aren’t completely fixed. Maybe other reasons. What I can tell you is that I was watching it as it happened. 

Anyway. Voila! No more wasted beans. No more frustration of not knowing if the next cup is decent or never getting a decent cup. No more frustration of cleaning the inside every day! 

This procedure should be used in between your regular maintenance and not as a substitute to it. This type of machine has a lot of moving parts, experience a lot of heat and pressure, and puts through a lot of super hot water. There are many other gaskets and parts requiring maintenance. Please do not skip the manufacturer-recommended periodic maintenance. 


14 thoughts on “Solved: Delonghi Magnifica coffee making weak coffee and spilling grounds everywhere 

    1. Wow! This fixed my machine too, immediately started making full discs of coffee. No more mess in machine! Thank you

    2. Thank for your description – I had the soggy-puck problem and this was the fix! Really appreciate you sharing. – Bruce W, Folsom CA.

  1. How do you get the diffuser apart?
    I undid all the screws that I could find and I can’t get it too pull apart

    1. Right at the bottom of it – the lowest part of the light gray – is a clip. It is a partial rig that wraps around. It didn’t feel fragile to me, but please be careful so as not to break it.
      Once that’s off, you can slide everything apart. No screws need to be removed.

  2. I have the same issue, but I cant seem to grasp the parts you are talking about. If its not too much trouble, could you post a pic of the clip? Much appreciated! I’ve been spitting out grounds at the end of my morning espresso for far too long.

  3. Thanks – fixed my problem as well. My machine is an AEG PE3811. Couldn’t find any info on fixing and stumbled across your post. Turns out AEG uses the DeLonghi brew infuser. Here is the best video I’ve found that takes cleaning and maintenance of the infuser assembly one step further.

  4. Thanks again………… I was having very similar problems with the coffee puck being way too dry and leaving grounds all over inside the machine. I found very good results by using my home food grade lubricant “CRISCO” greasing up the plunger seals and the outside where it slides. I of course took out the infuser and cleaned out any grounds that were trapped inside and around the rubber rings. It was very hard to move the plunger back and forth before I lubricated the rings, once the O rings were lubricated it was moving with ease and making a moist puck but still dryer than i think it should be….. However its making a puck again and pushing it off into the basket instead of going all over inside. Thanks again use that food grade CRISCO… that seemed to make the difference!

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