Asian stereotypes

​My friends sometimes give me a hard time about perpetuating Asian stereotypes. So let me tell you what happened this week. 

I finally tracked down a cousin on Facebook. I have like a dozen of them but have only seen a few of them a few times when I was a kid. She was happy to hear from me. We rapid-fired messages back and forth a while about kids, dogs, life, hobby, and she asks what I do for work. 

I hesitate a second. All of my cousins are Ph.D. or M.D. with a black belt or a masters in traditional art. This one is a researcher in USA. No, she didn’t spend years in North America learning English like I did. She taught herself English like my dad taught himself to speak Chinese. 

Well, I tell her. That was the end of messages. 

It’s wrong to perpetuate a stereotype. But I was just telling a real story. 


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