The flat-nose racism. 

​Interesting about racial remarks. 

Having struck my eyeball on a wall without a scratch on my eyebrow, I proceeded to tell a story about the benefits of my bone structure. In school, I was able to sleep face down at my desk on my forehead, eyeballs, and chin without obstructing my breathing. So much more comfortable than having to twist your face to the side. 

People are like “eeek. Don’t say stuff like that!”
Think about this. I didn’t make a racist comment. I made a race-related comment. 

Because I never ever said being able to sleep flat on my face was a bad thing or that having a flat nose in childhood equated to being ugly. I didn’t even say “Asian faces.” It was just like saying “I have a high cheek bone” or “high browridge.” It was a description of a face. 

There is nothing wrong with my comment unless someone was working on an assumption a flat nose is bad. So… if they think I said a bad thing, it exposes their racism, not mine. 


How Hillary created Trump.

Anyone who demanded a child suppress their grievances instead of airing them and resolving them, you created Trump.

Anyone who dismissed others’ opinions as being unimportant, unintelligent, and insignificant, you created Trump.

Anyone who confused their audience by using big words, making the audience members feel stupid, you created Trump.

Anyone who demanded people listen to you without offering to listen to them, you created Trump.

Anyone who defined the right and deplorable and called someone out for being the latter, you created Trump.

Anyone who kept relating an issue to her and her father, instead of me and my father, you created Trump.

Because it is the basic human need to feel included, loved, respected, and validated. Trump gave them that.

Hillary gave people fear. The fear that Clinton’s America did not include them. Just like Trump’s America doesn’t include Muslims.

Hillary created Trump. Hillary created diversion. Now, which candidate made more people feel excluded?