The Privileged deserve empathy too. 

​Let us be empathetic to the privileged who refuse to acknowledge their privilege. 

Picture this. They’ve worked hard. They’ve had their own set of pains, obstacles, and disappointments. 

Now they are told “you’re privileged!” They hear “you should have done more. You should have done better. You should have at least accomplished more than the black guy from foster homes who is working beside you.” Straight white men are set up to never feel good enough unless their accomplishments reflected their privilege. You see how *you* could create a racist bigot who feel disgruntled and even may participate in discrimination? 

If we guilt them, if we accuse them, if we attack them for not acknowledging privilege, we put ourselves in the position of creating privilege for ourselves over others. 

You don’t think that’s privilege? Well, that’s the exact topic of this conversation. 

I want all white straight men to know: 

A white straight man from a pretty decent socioeconomic background is absolutely a recipient of privilege. He does need to acknowledge that in terms of being empathetic to others but not in terms of feeling like he is measured against a higher standard. 

I want the rest of the people to know:

Everyone has a story. Be empathetic to all. If you use their privilege to make them feel bad about themselves, you are creating discrimination which makes you more privileged than they are. 


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