Kids and their short attention span 

A child is enjoying piling zigsaw puzzle up in a heap. It keeps sliding and collapsing, so the child is placing pieces with increasing concentration. 

A parent interjects “that’s not how you play with puzzles.”

A child is playing house with an aunt. They are giggling and having a great time. A parent interrupts “Addi, tell Aunty what happened at school today!” 

You get the point. 

If a child is concentration on something, and it’s doing no harm to anyone, leave the child alone. 

I’m not a doctor of any kind, and I’m not saying this heals attention deficit disorders or ADHD anything. I’m just saying a child without a disorder would develop concentration by practice. Next time, observe siblings. I would bet that the middle child – or whichever one that gets less attention – has the best and longest concentration. 


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