Kids and their short attention span 

A child is enjoying piling zigsaw puzzle up in a heap. It keeps sliding and collapsing, so the child is placing pieces with increasing concentration. 

A parent interjects “that’s not how you play with puzzles.”

A child is playing house with an aunt. They are giggling and having a great time. A parent interrupts “Addi, tell Aunty what happened at school today!” 

You get the point. 

If a child is concentration on something, and it’s doing no harm to anyone, leave the child alone. 

I’m not a doctor of any kind, and I’m not saying this heals attention deficit disorders or ADHD anything. I’m just saying a child without a disorder would develop concentration by practice. Next time, observe siblings. I would bet that the middle child – or whichever one that gets less attention – has the best and longest concentration. 


Kids that sleep in 

We teach the kids “staying up late is so special and awesome” since they are little, and we are shocked if they are hard to wake up once they start going to school.