2017 Election and Suicide Prevention

001.jpgLast few years we’ve been so preoccupied with ourselves. Housing market, the Vancouver olympics, pipelines, softwood lumber agreement, teachers and public education. It became our habit to vote based on one or two “important” issues.

We forgot that each ballot we cast speaks for each topic. We can’t say “I want ___ party for ______ issue, but I didn’t vote about mental health. I just don’t know enough.”
Our vote speaks on each topic even if we don’t meant to. When we were voting to stop/push pipelines, did we mean for all these suicides to happen under our watch? No. We were just not thinking.

Friends in BC, please call 1-800-SUICIDE, and the people there are trained to listen to you non-judgmentally and help you find help. Download and post/tweet this cartoon to start a conversation. Please call 911. Please do not give up.



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