Self-declaration of skill

I once lost two jobs to two separate men who claimed they could do my job and better. According to complaints I received on my personal phone after they took over, they were both grossly exaggerating. It’s not only that they were less skilled than me, but also they had no knowledge, skill, or qualifications at all. At all. 

But it didn’t stop the highest professionals on the employer side and from the clients’ side from believing their words, hiring them, and doing all that without any vetting. After being let down, after calling me with complaints, they inexplicably went back to believing these men’s words. What is it with their willingness to believe?

In today’s Canada, we are caught between the blind faith in a title and honesty of Europe and the health market scepticism of “buyer beware” of the USA style consumer awareness. Self-declaration sells. 

Not only that. We Canadians tend to be insecure, and we’d rather base our choices on someone else’s words than our own. Even if the words are from those with conflict of interest. 

This is a big issue in all aspects of our lives. For instance, everyone knows several people who believe they are good listeners without any reason. Everyone knows dozens of people who call themselves non-judgmental while enjoying forming opinions on people, their choices, and their methods. People who call themselves a great husband without letting the wife speak to that fact. 

We need the education in our society that we must ask for proof of a claim and make it a habit. 


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