Think it through when you’re making a new year’s resolution

I had never taken new year’s resolution seriously my entire life.

So, this year in 2017, I decided to make one and actually intend on keeping it. Let’s just make it feasible, though. So not “Keep the apartment tidy” or “clean the apartment every other day.”

I decided on “Don’t put stuff down just anywhere.”

It’s been over a month since Jan 2 (in my culture, we make our resolutions on the 2nd), and I’ve held this up. As the best-case scenario, it’s been tidy. Being tidy makes me want to clean. For the past month, my apartment has been politely cycling between “clean and tidy” and “I’m in the middle of something (like packing for a trip), and some items are on the floor/table.”

What I didn’t realize was how much of a coping mechanism obsessive episodic cleaning was to me. Now and again, I get up to clean, without thinking about what caused me to do so, and find that everything has been vacuumed and wiped down. I feel so lost.


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