Too busy talking. Too scared to listen

After the tall white man loudly shut me down and called me wrong (in those words) on the topic of the Thought Police and whether or not the average Japanese person supported Tojyo, I can’t stop obsessively researching how right I was.
Just last week when I said an Executive order has the force of a law, the entire group I was sitting with laughed and said I was wrong. The entire group of doctors, academics, border guards, public officials.
I just repeat my comment one more time and leave it alone. It’s their problem not mine.
But it really depicts the issues of today. They are too busy talking that they don’t listen. They are so threatened with the idea of being wrong that they don’t even consider maybe someone else’s right. 
I’m starting to realize that people don’t listen not just because they’re too busy talking.
They don’t listen because they are insecure and absolutely terrified of being wrong. If they never listen, they are never wrong.

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