Internet Slang

Like having today’s politicians and the social media weren’t bad enough, the young adults keep inventing new ways to say things (*and* its acronym) every three weeks, and you’re uncool if you don’t know it.
Except no one knows it, so everyone secretly googles it and pretends to know it.
It was about 10 years ago I noticed this trend. One of my then-friends (= old) insisted on calling a person “people.” Like “Oh, she’s good people.” Then several people started saying “people” and also started saying “rad.”
At the time, I chuckled. Like when you’re in your 30’s and you have to copy youths because you feel like youths are cooler than you!? Wow. If they are going to announce themselves by using these words, that’s actually quite welcome.
Today, it’s become a common way to passive-aggressively make people insecure and isolated. In today’s already isolated society.
Stop doing this to yourselves. The more words and phrases they invent, the more insecure they seem by demonstrating their need to be ahead. People who are truly ahead don’t even care about being ahead, folks.

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