Evidence-based practice and why Freud was right

APA came down with the empirical and evidence-based practice policies and made everyone feel bad. Suddenly all the counselors are terrified of not having “evidence” back up.

During that time, they decided Freud was silly. No one really liked him anyway. He was always getting in fights with Jung and Adler and other nice people.

And they froze in time.

Currently, the “intrapsychic conflict” of Freud’s theory is one of few, if not the only, theories of a person that have been scientifically proven. (Other ones being BF Skinner’s Behavioral Theory, for instance, but that’s hardly a theory of a person). There is plenty enough science now that the brain stem (survival = id) and cortex (socialized mind = superego) are in conflict.

Counsellors, stop pretending to be scientists. The better alternative is to listen to scientists.


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